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"EZ Clean Screens was started out of FRUSTRATION! Trying to clean up and remove the gummed up tar in a pipe, was a complete menace. I would cry out, “There’s got to be a better way!”


I searched but didn’t find one so, I invented the solution. A more convenient pipe screen that looks like a mini kitchen skimmer, called “The little ash skimmer.” (Skimmers are those tin scoops with a long handle that your mom would use for skimming soups!) We seriously had to shrink it, to a size of 12mm or 15mm, but it worked.


  • It makes a huge difference in the cleanliness and taste of the product 

  • Works great in pipes, bongs and water pipes.

  • It's easy to remove the screen & dump the ashes 

  • The handle can be cut or bent to fit the user’s pipe."


Tom Kopacz, Founder and Owner