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"There is got to be a better way!"

"EZ Clean Screens was started out of FRUSTRATION! Trying to clean up and remove the gummed up tar in a pipe, was a complete menace. I would cry out, “There’s got to be a better way!”


I searched but didn’t find one so, I invented the solution. A more convenient pipe screen that looks like a mini kitchen skimmer, called “The little ash skimmer.” (Skimmers are those tin scoops with a long handle that your mom would use for skimming soups!) We seriously had to shrink it, to a size of 12mm or 15mm, but it worked.


  • It makes a huge difference in the cleanliness and taste of the product 

  • Works great in pipes, bongs and water pipes.

  • It's easy to remove the screen & dump the ashes 

  • The handle can be cut or bent to fit the user’s pipe."


Tom Kopacz, Founder and Owner


A small town Indiana boy, Tom went to college at Indiana University studying chemistry and biology and was always an experimentator and tinkerer. He remembers his 1st time smoking pot. “I was in college at IU & renting a house out of town with some buddies. One guy rolled up some ditch weed, not much better than hemp. We ended up dancing in the street to "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" & that's how it all began.”


He had a long time career working with quality control labs for oil refineries and retired a few years ago. It was about 3 years ago, when Tom was indulging in a smoke but getting “pissed-off” about having to dig out the tiny little wire screens, that he came up with the “Little Ash Skimmer.” He used brass sheet metal, which makes it sturdier and added a handle to make it easy to take it out and clean it.


Another invention that is almost ready to be launched, is a “Weed Shuttle.” This little brass sheet metal scooper will make it easy to carry freshly ground herb to your smoking destination.


He is looking forward to continuing the development of other tools useful for pipe and joint smoking.



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